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Important Notice 

In early May you will receive a ballot paper to elect the National Executive Member for District 16 (Norfolk, Peterborough and Cambridgeshire)

The Norfolk Association has nominated Esther Thirkettle for this post.

Please vote in this ballot. 



NASUWT Norfolk Association

 General Meeting

15 May 2109 at 6.30

The Cottage

148 Thunder Lane Norwich

NR7 0JD 


  •        Members' Questions
  •       Reports from National Executive and County Secretary
  •       Results of Local Association elections
  •       Request for motions for Regional Conference (27/28  September 2019)
  •       Norfolk Association rules amendment  


All members welcome. 


Executive meetings are held monthly in term time and all members of Norfolk Association (all NASUWT members working in Norfolk) are encouraged to attend these. Please contact the Association for details of the next meeting and you will be made very welcome.

All our meeting venues are wheelchair-accessible. 

Industrial Action

 Download the latest Action Short of Strike Action instructions (phase 5) here

Performance management

Does your school have a performance management/ appraisal  policy? Do you know where to look at it? Is is compliant with the NASUWT/ NUT performance management checklist? Are you using the excellent guide to Performance Management that the NASUWT sent to all members (available to download here)?

Here is a brief summary of what you should expect:

  • No more than 3 objectives.
  • No student data-led objectives (your objectives should be about what you do NOT what the students do).
  • No more than 3 observations per year for all purposes. 
  • No direct progression from failure to meet your targets into the capability process.
  • No surprises - problems should be flagged up as the cycle progresses.

If your school is not following these guidelines then it is in breach of the NASUWT/ NUT National Action Short of strike action: 

Instruction 1: Members are instructed not to participate in any appraisal/performance management process which does not conform to all elements of the NASUWT appraisal/performance management checklist and the classroom observation protocol. 

Observations and learning walks

Does your school have a classroom observation protocol?

If your school is carrying out learning walks or drop-ins to monitor the quality of your teaching in addition to the 3 formal observations per year then it is probably in breach of the NASUWT/ NUT National Action Short of strike action:

Instruction 2: Members are instructed not to participate in any form of management-led classroom observation in any school which refuses to operate a policy of a limit of a total of three observations for all purposes within a total time of up to three hours per year. 


Does your school have a marking policy? What does your policy say? Is it reasonable or does in impose an unreasonable workload on teachers? All schools should have reasonable marking policies. A new instruction was added to the National Action instructions this year: make sure your school's policy is compliant:

Instruction 27: Members are instructed to refuse to comply with any marking and assessment policy which generates excessive workload and/or has not been agreed with the NASUWT. Until such time as a policy agreed with the NASUWT is introduced, members will mark and assess pupils in a manner consistent with the principles set out in the Union's guidance.  

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